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With a wide range of services spanning various sectors, we are committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake. From road works and infrastructure construction to building projects and civil engineering, our expertise covers every aspect of the
construction process. Additionally, our specialty services, including concrete works, structural steel fabrication, and
interior finishing, ensure that we can meet al your construction needs under one roof.

At QM Builders, we pride ourselves on our versatility. expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Whether you require the construction of a new road, the development of an infrastructure project, or the completion of a building construction, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results. With a focus on quality. efficiency, and innovation, we are your reliable partner for al your construction needs. Welcome to QM Builders, where your vision becomes reality.

Road Works

  • Construction and maintenance of roads, highways, and expressways
  • Asphalt paving and resurfacing
  • Road widening and rehabilitation
  • Drainage system instalation and maintenance

Civil Engineering

  • Site development and earthworks
  • Utility infrastructure installation (water, sewer, electrical)
  • Stormwater management systems
  • Landscaping and beautification projects


  • Reclamation projects for land development
  • Bridge construction and rehabilitation
  • Soil protection and erosion control measures
  • Construction of retaining wals and riprap structures

Specialty Services

  • Concrete works (foundations, slabs, walls)
  • Structural steel fabrication and erection
  • Demolition and site clearing
  • Interior finishing and fit-out works

Project Management

  • Comprehensive project planning and execution
  • Coordination of resources. schedules, and budgets
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Risk management and mitigation strategies


  • Commercial building construction
  • Institutional building construction (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Industrial building construction

Equipment Rental

Do you need an extra equipment? We offer equipment rental:

Our Team & Skills

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Skilled Workers

With over 2000 skiled workers, QM Builders boasts arobust workforce meticulously trained ot deliver superior craftsmanship. ensuring that every project si executed with precision and expertise.

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Complementing our skiled labor force are over 150 professionals, including engineers and staff members, whose expertise and technical efficient project management and execution.

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Hours of Training

Our dedication to continuous
improvement is exemplified by the investment of over 10,000 hours in training programs, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of emerging technologies, thus maintaining our commitment ot excellence and innovation.

Skills &Profession

At QM Builders, our skills and professions form the bedrock of our success, embodying the essence of expertise, dedication, and innovation. With a team of over 150 professionals, including engineers, architects, project managers,  and specialized staff members, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience t o every project  we undertake. From conceptualization to execution, our skilled workforce of over 2000 individuals ensures that each task is carried out with precision and excellence. Our professionals possess a diverse range of talents and qualifications, allowing us to
tackle even the most complex challenges with confidence and efficiency. Whetherit’s designing innovative solutions, managing intricate construction projects, or implementing cutting-edge technologies, our skilled team is committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations and propel us to the forefront of the construction industry.